Need A New Dishwasher? 4 Factors To Consider

When it comes to buying a dishwasher, you are doing more than buying a machine to wash your dishes. You are buying a powerful appliance, that has numerous different features to enhance your dishwashing experience.

Factor #1: Noise Level

First, you need to consider the noise level of the machine that you are purchasing. The noise level will impact your space. For example, if your kitchen is right next to your bedroom, you may want a quieter machine. Or if you have an open living area where sound tends to carry, you may want a quieter machine than if your kitchen was in the back of your home.

Higher-end washing machines tend to create around 40 dBs of sound, and lower-end washing machines tend to create more around 50 dBs. If you want a quiet machine, invest in one with a sound rating in the low 40s.

Factor #2: Types of Cycles

Second, you need think about what type of cycles that you want your dishwasher to be capable of running. The three basic cycles that most dishwashers have are normal, express, and auto. Most washing machines you will purchase will at least have these three cycles.

If you are looking for more cycle options, a few of the most common advanced cycle options include heavy, china, rinse only, and efficiency. The heavy or pots and pans cycle is designed to be used with really soiled plates or with pots and pans. The china cycle is designed to be used with delicate dishes. The rinse-only cycle is when you just need to rinse off your dishes. The efficient cycle is designed to reduce energy and water usage.

Factor #3: Style & Finish

Finally, you need to consider the style and finish of the dishwasher that you want to install in your home. You want the dishwasher to look good with your other appliances, and you want it to fit with the overall style of your kitchen.

You can go with a dishwasher that has buttons on the outside of the unit, or a dishwasher with a more streamlined look where the buttons are on the top of the dishwasher door, effectively hiding the buttons.

When it comes to choosing a dishwasher for your home, you want the noise level to be tolerable and enjoyable. You want the dishwasher to have the right type of wash cycles to fit your needs. You want a dishwasher whose style fits in with the rest of your home. Visit an appliance store to see what types of dishwashers are available to you.