Your 101 Guide To Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to kitchen countertops, there are so many options, it can be overwhelming. The bset way to determine what type of kitchen countertops are right for you is to compare the different benefits of each. Here is your 101 guide to help: 


Marble countertops are great if you want a classic look, but don't use the kitchen that often. If you use the kitchen often, especially for full-on home cooked meals, then marble probably isn't for you. This is because it is not as heat resistant as many other countertop options, it's stains and scratches easily, and it requires much more maintenance, especially if you use the surfaces often. 


Quartz is a popular option since this material is stain resistant, heat resistant, and scratch resistant. On top of this, it doesn't require much maintenance since it does not need to be sealed. This makes it the most practical for everyday homeowners, especially those who use the kitchen regularly. 


Concrete is great if you are looking for something more unique. There are many customizable options and you can even have the seams filled so that it is a continuous slab that make up the countertops in the kitchen. This provides a smooth and clean look in the kitchen that is more unique. While concrete is also durable, it does need to be sealed regularly to provide the best protection from stains and scratches. 


Granite is a really popular choice because it's affordable while also providing the durability that many homeowners look for. The other benefit is the wide range of color choice. It's also easy to clean granted it is sealed. However, it doesn't have to be sealed as regularly a other materials. 

Butcher Block: 

Butcher block material is great for anyone who cooks regularly in the home. It can even be combined with other countertop materials so it only takes up one section of countertop space if that is something that is preferred. The butcher block material gives you the ability to cut and chop right on the surface since it's the most sanitary countertop option. However, it still does need to be sealed and will require regular maintenance, though this is to be expected in a kitchen that has heavy use. 

The biggest factors that should come into play when choosing countertops for your home should be the use of the kitchen, as well as the style you are looking for. This will play the biggest role in choosing the right countertops for your home. For more information, contact companies like Selective Stone LLC.