Stand Up Freezers: Are They What You Need To Invest In?

When you need a freezer to have your items in besides the one that comes attached to your refrigerator, you have a few options. One of them is a chest freezer, which has an opening on the top and usually lies horizontally. These freezers come in a variety of depths and have some shelves in them for efficient storage, but for the most part, items are just stacked on one another for easy use of space.

Another option to consider are stand up freezers. These are freezers that look similar to a fridge, but they don't have any refrigerating sections and only freeze things. If you're looking at freezers or you want to get a freezer to keep meat and other items in, then you'll run into both of these common options at your local appliance store.

Are stand up freezers the investment you want to make? There are many benefits to these freezers, although they may be more expensive than a chest freezer alternative, so use this guide to help you determine if this is the best type of freezer for your needs.

How much space do you need?

If you need to save space by having a vertical freezer and you need more storage space within the unit for housing several frozen items or meat you butcher yourself, then you'll find that stand up freezers can be far more convenient and save space more than chest freezers. You can use both sides of a stand up freezer if you get a traditional two-door style, or you can use a top and bottom feature to mimic a more modern refrigerator/freezer style.

How much organization do you need?

A chest freezer doesn't really let you see what's inside the unit, although it will keep items frozen and is a great go-to freezer option. If you want stand up freezers that you can keep items organized in easily, you'll find that most models have several shelves just like traditional refrigerators and are able to keep items organized up and down as well as front to back. You'll especially benefit from stand up freezers if you plan on rotating inventory often or if you need to use the freezer space to house easy-access medications.

Your local appliance store specialist will help you select the stand up freezers that work best for both your needs and budget. Take note of the space you need inside a freezer and how much space you have in your home to help you ultimately decide what you want.