4 Signs Your Sewing Machine Needs Repairs

A working sewing machine is a crucial tool for anyone who does quilting and other sewing projects. Your sewing machine should be in perfect working order at all times if you want to run a successful venture. If you notice issues with the machine's mechanical parts, call a professional to diagnose and properly fix them. But how do you know your sewing machine has developed problems that an expert needs to fix? Here are four common indicators of a sewing machine that needs professional repairs.

Issues With Tension

Every machine has a tension control dial whose purpose is to control the thread tension depending on the fabric you are sewing. When properly functional, the dial will run automatically and naturally, leading to a consistent sewing pattern. On the other hand, if you notice snarling thread on the underside of the material, you are dealing with a malfunctioning tension dial. In this case, check that you have installed the bobbin and thread correctly. If the problem persists, get a professional to repair the dial or replace it.

Skipped Stitches on the Fabric

Another indicator that your sewing machine has problems you need to repair is when your fabrics keep coming up with missed stitches. You can simply fix the problem by reorganizing the top thread. You should also ensure you aren't shoving the fabric too tightly through the feed dogs. If you fix these two issues and the problem persists, you can call a technician to check for any other complications with the machine. 

Unusual Noises

Another indicator that your sewing machine has issues is when it starts making strange and unusual noises. Grinding, clanking, and an increased volume are indicators that your sewing machine could be in trouble. If your sewing machine is making some unusual noises, check the moving parts and apply some oil to reduce friction. If the noises persist, it is best to invite a technician to check the machine and determine the parts to repair.

Broken Needles

Broken needles are another common sign of trouble with a sewing machine. The needle can break when it is the wrong size for the fabric. It might also break when you are using the wrong presser foot for your style of the stitch. If you rectify all these issues but the machine keeps breaking needles, you might have a bigger underlying issue. Contact a technician to diagnose the problem and offer a reliable solution.

Choose a trained and licensed technician to check for any issues with the sewing machine. They will help you identify and fix problems, which will restore your machine's function. Also, timely repairs increase the length of time the machine serves you. Contact a company that offers appliance repair services to learn more.