Buy These Appliances For Your Man Cave

If you're making plans to create a man cave in your home — perhaps in your basement or garage — there will likely be a number of things that you want to buy. Foremost on your list may be a TV and surround sound system, while you'll also want comfortable seating options. Additionally, you should give some thought to what appliances you might want for this space. A man cave is an ideal place for hosting friends to watch sporting events and movies, and a number of small appliances can be handy. Browse your local appliance retailer for these options.

Beverage Cooler

One ideal appliance to buy for your man cave is a beverage cooler, which is a refrigerated unit that is specifically designed to hold canned and bottled drinks. While a conventional refrigerator can perform the same role, the interior of a beverage cooler is specifically designed to hold drinks without much wasted space. If you have friends over to hang out in your man cave, it's common to enjoy some drinks together. Whether people favor soft drinks, beer, or wine, you'll be able to stock these drinks in your beverage cooler to ensure that you have enough for everyone.


People often have microwaves in their kitchens, but it can also be a good idea to have this small appliance in your man cave. You'll be able to use it in a number of ways, including making popcorn for guests who are visiting you to watch a movie, warming a dip that you'll serve with corn chips, and more. Having your own microwave will prevent the hassle of having to walk to your kitchen to use the microwave. With a microwave in your man cave, you won't miss any games or movies while you prepare snacks for your guests.

Mini Fridge

You may also wish to consider buying a mini-refrigerator for your man cave. While your beverage cooler will hold your drinks, it's handy to have another refrigerated space to hold snacks. For example, you might have some vegetable sticks and dip that you plan to serve to your guests, salsa, and other similar fares. You'll typically want to keep these items refrigerated in advance of your guests' arrival, and being able to do so in your man cave will be convenient. Your local appliance store likely has a variety of these products, so you can assess which will best suit your needs.

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